Monday, January 10, 2011

Pakistani Bowlers on Top

Facebook privacy leakage again ??????

Goldman Sachs’s $450 million investment in Facebookhas raised many questions.
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499 Holders Goldman Sachs is offering $1.5 billion worth of Facebookshares to its private clients. The clients will not hold the shares directly but will invest in a special investment vehicle that will hold the shares on their behalf.
Questions have arisen about whether this share issuance will push Facebook over 499 shareholders. Under federal securities laws — Section 12(g) of theSecurities Exchange Act of 1934 — a company is required to begin reporting to the Securities and Exchange Commission, filing quarterly and annual reports among other items, once it has more than 499 shareholders of record. This does not mean it needs to do an initial public offering, just commence these filings. The requirement to begin reporting is effective 120 days after the end of the fiscal year a company exceeded this amount. So, if Facebook goes over the amount this year, they are required to start reporting to the S.E.C. in early May of 2012.
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Offering Violation The securities law issue here rests on whether there is a “general solicitation” such that this becomes a “public offering.” The federal securities laws strictly regulate any offering of shares. A company or underwriter like Goldman must find an exemption or otherwise register the securities with the S.E.C. The Facebook shares are not being registered, so Facebook and Goldman are relying on an exemption.
Goldman Goldman is offering Facebook shares to its clients. Goldman here is an investment adviser to these clients, so it does have a fiduciary responsibility to know its customers and recommend appropriate investments. Individual investors, however, may have different tastes for risk and different returns than Goldman’sprivate equity arm. The Goldman clients may be willing to accept a lower return for other reasons like the security of knowing that the valuation is unlikely to go down, as part of a portfolio that allows for more speculation, etc. No doubt Goldman has disclosed the risks associated with Facebook copiously, and if investors, being fully informed of the material facts here, still want to invest, Goldman is doing its job.
And end that's a rumor that facebook is closing , that privacy leaking network is not ending till by March 15  2011.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Intel launches second generation core processors

World's leading chip manufacturer Intel Thursday launched second generation intel core processors with built-in visual capabilities to deliver superior audio-visual experience, faster downloading ability and improved battery life.
'The built-in visual capabilities enabled by these new processors are stunning. This combined with improved adaptive performance, will revolutionize the PC experience in a way that is obvious for every user to see and appreciate, a visibly smarter performance,' said R. Sivakumar, managing director sales and marketing group, Intel South Asia.
'The new features are bound to appeal to your senses and give you a better looking PC experience,' he added.
Intel estimates that a 4-minute HD video that used to take 4 minutes to convert to play on an iPod would now take just 16 seconds.
The new processor technology focusses on high-definition videos, mainstream gaming, online socialising and multimedia and combines visual and 3D graphics technology with performance-leading microprocessors on a single chip.
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Its new features include Intel Quick Sync Video, and a new version of the company's award-winning Intel Wireless Display which now adds 1080p HD (high definition) and content protection for those wishing to beam premium HD content from their laptop screen to their TV.
More than 500 laptops and desktops designs based on these products are expected from all major computer makers worldwide.Systems are likely to be available from OEMs (original equipment manufacturer) like HCL, WiproHP, Lenevo, Toshiba and Dell among others as well as from local channel partners.
The company said that the price range of the products incorporated with the second generation intel core processors will increase marginally.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Try before you buy storage hardware

What you choose for your primary storage may be the most important purchasing decision you ever make. That storage will form the bedrock -- or the shaky ground -- upon which the rest of your server and application environment will be built. Primary storage is a major capital investment and frequently has a much longer life cycle than most infrastructure components, often remaining in production for five years or more.

It's hard to know what you're getting without rolling up your sleeves and putting your hands on it. I highly recommend doing just that. Fortunately, almost all of the major storage players offer evaluation units you can test firsthand. At the very least, get one of each of the top options you're considering. Get familiar with the ins and outs of the management interface, learn how easy (or difficult) the device is to configure, and if practical, do a head-to-head performance test. The evaluation process often brings up questions you would never have thought to ask potential storage suitors without seeing the product and making it work on your own. Many times, potential storage customers will visit an existing customer instead of doing a full evaluation, but this is only part of the story. Yes, you typically learn some valuable lessons, but you won't find out how the storage will work in your environment.source